About Us

HermanasWellness is founded by two hermanas (sisters) who are passionate about bringing natural medicinal products and healing practices for a long, healthy life to our communities. We’re excited to inspire people to use preventative practices to stay healthy and balanced; emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We want to share what we’ve learned with you, through studies and life experiences. Our mission is to make the idea of healing through natural practices not such a foreign concept.


Our first hermana is Jennifer. She is ever evolving. Whether it be through food, spiritual practices or exercise she is always trying new things. Her intentional journey focused on healing brought her to becoming an herbalist at the Open Center in New York City and to studying Reiki level 1 and 2 at Demure Lyfe in New York along with other spiritual practices. She loves all things mystical – crystals, oracle cards and plants.


Our hermanita is Alita. She is a wanderer and a lover of all things wild and free. She thinks the best part of life is sharing. Sharing ideas, a conversation, a cup of tea, a meal, an experience. She believes those are the most beautiful moments in life. Alita is a certified Holistic Health and Nutrition coach and current student at Oh Baby Nutrition Academy! Alita is is passionate about women's health and sharing this knowledge.


After both having our own health battles, we are even more rooted in the beauty of the natural world of remedies. There is nothing more important in this world than your health and we’re excited to be part of your wellness journey!


Thanks for stopping by our page. We hope you find everything you’re looking for and if you don’t, please reach out. We’re always happy to chat!

*Please remember we are not doctors. If you have any pre-existing conditions or concerns, please consult with your GP before using