Fresh Start


Ever feel like you just need to go back to basics and start from the beginning again? You might have overindulged with too many margaritas on the weekend or spent the week loading up on your favorite snacks and take-outs. We've created this box to give you a clean slate. When you're ready to kick the extra bloat and brain fog this box set will help get you back on track!

• Fresh Start Tea - Nettles and Fennel
o Nettles are nutrient-rich, purify the blood, build iron, protect the liver and high in antioxidants
o Fennel aids in healthy digestion

• Revitalize Tea - Hibiscus and Orange peel
o Hibiscus is packed with antioxidants, boost liver health, prevents oxidative stress and have natural antidepressant qualities
o Orange peels are an excellent source of vitamin c, they help breakdown congestion and cleanse the lungs, the bitter taste helps aid in digestion

• Tincture - Ginkgo
o Brainfood! Helps with brain fog, memory, maintaining blood flow to the central nervous system. Also valuable for asthma and other allergic problems

• Bath salts - Epsom Salt and Rose Petals
o Epsom salts help restore magnesium levels, ease stress and relieve muscular cramps
o Rose petals soothe irritated skin and brighten complexion
• Importance of rituals card

*No bath, no problem! These bath salts are equally as beneficial when used in a foot bath