Healthy Skin from Within


Glowing skin starts from within. Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It needs proper nourishment just like the rest of our organs. What we put into our body and onto our skin plays a major role in not only skin health but in our overall health as well. This box will get you glowing from the inside out!

• Inside out Tea - Nettles and Chamomile can be used to drink or as a compress on the skin
o Nettles are nutrient-rich, purify the blood, build iron, protect the liver and high in antioxidants
o Chamomile reduces inflammation, has natural relaxing properties and helps treat mild skin conditions

• Tincture - Burdock root
o Burdock root is a powerhouse of antioxidants, purifies the blood and removes toxins, proven to treat skin conditions. One of the rare herbs that stimulate lymphatic drainage and detoxification

• Heal My Skin Salve - Calendula and Comfrey with Olive Oil and Beeswax
• Love Me Soap - Shea Butter, Calendula, Aloe, and Lemongrass
• Facial steam - Calendula, Rose petal, Plantain